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Emergency Care

An urgent need for emergency visit can be if you are experiencing:

  • Concern about a swelling or spreading infection 

  • Severe dental/oro-facial pain

  • Trauma that has caused significant harm

  • Bleeding that is uncontrolled 

Please contact us on 01767 681100

We have a limited capacity for NHS or private patients. 

The NHS website guides on how to find a dentist, click here

At this emergency appointment, the dentist will gather information from you regarding the background of the problem which has arisen, and may take x-rays, photos, or impressions.

If the dentist is able to conduct the treatment within the allocated time of the emergency appointment, they will inform you of this and attempt to do so (such as temporary fillings, simple denture adjustments, simple dressings). Charges apply for dental services.

If the agreed treatment plan requires a longer appointment (for example root canal treatment, extractions), the dentist will advise you of this and book you in for treatment at the earliest available appointment.

Dentists do not prescribe antibiotics routinely, unless in specific situations, in accordance with national guidelines. This is done to reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance, which can result in antibiotics not working well for you if you were to have a serious infection in the future. 

For out-of-hours advice, please contact NHS 111 helpline.

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​Practice Plan Patients  


Please contact Sandy DentalCare on 01767 681100 during our opening hours to receive advice and for booking dental emergency appointments. 

or call Practice Plan emergency assistance helpline on

0808 169 8117

you may also refer to 

Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance (

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