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Smile Shaping

Smile Shaping is the use of composite bonding techniques to help shape your teeth to form an overall harmonious smile.

There are multiple variations of this process, ranging from delicate free-hand placement of composite veneers, to using lab-made stents to injection mould composite, to simply enhancing the edges of chipped/worn teeth to form smoother, more natural looking smiles.

Results can be long lasting with a whitening diet (avoiding tea, red wine, curry etc.) and with regular maintenance by the dentist.

Smile shaping techniques can be used effectively with Whitening and possible with smile straightening of teeth to help create your desired smile alignment, shape, and shade.

Remember that whitening will not whiten any white fillings or crowns/onlays/bridges - it will only whiten natural tooth tissue, so it is important to complete your whitening process before going ahead with composite bonding.

Composite bonding has variable life expectancies, but generally we expect to see it lasting for around 8-10 years with a whitening diet, good oral hygiene and regular dental visits.

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