We feel it is important that our fee structure is clear and simple to understand, so you know what to expect before committing to treatment.

On this page is an NHS and Private list of treatments available. Please note that NHS fee structures are subject to change in accordance with NHS policy.

Please visit the NHS website for more information on this.

Can I become an NHS patient?

At present, we have no further capacity to take on NHS patients, due to the limitations of our contract with the NHS, and catching up on covid-19 backlog. We are, however, still accepting limited number of patients onto our Private Patient List due to practice expansion.


If you wish to be added to our NHS waiting list, please telephone the practice or fill out this form here.


Band 1 - £23.80

Examination, x-rays, diagnosis, preventative advice, scaling & polishing (if clinically needed), preventative care.

Band 2 - £65.20

Everything from Band 1 as well as fillings, root canal treatment, extractions.

Band 3 - £282.80

Everything from Band 1 and 2 plus course of treatment including crowns, bridges, dentures, and other lab work.

Urgent - £23.80

Assessment and treatment of urgent and specified cases, such as pain relief, temporary fillings, or denture appliance repair. 

Please view our practice policies here.

Private dentistry offers alternative material options, including those which may be more aesthetic and your dentist will discuss the benefit of alternative materials eg strength 

Private Fees Guide:

Dental and Oral Health Check - £38 (if recall or regular patient)

New or Returning Patient Oral Health Examination - £60

Dental X-Rays - £16 each

Emergency Consultation - £53 (Exclusive of Treatment Costs)

Scale & Polish with Dentist (Hygiene Clean) - £57

Amalgam Filling (Silver) - from £95  (maximum £114)

Composite Filling (White) - from £103 (maximum £169)

Root Canal Treatment - from £251 (depending on complexity)

Extraction - from £95 (maximum £169 - depending on complexity)

Mouth-guard/Splint - from £86 

Crown - from £587 (depending on materials/post requirement)

Denture (Acryllic) - £559+ (depending on materials)

Bridge -from £587 per unit (depending on number of units)

Ceramic Veneer - from £587 (depending on materials)

Composite Bonding/Veneer - Fee discussed at consultation

Invisalign - Variable based on complexity - starting from £2900

Whitening - £483 (reduced to £295 Special limited offer price April/May/June 2022)

Gums Deep Cleaning (Root Surface Debridement ie deeper cleaning for gum disease) - £86 per visit

Please note there is a fee applicable for missed appointments or less than 24hours notice cancellation, charged at £139 per hour booking. Subsequent failed attendances may result in removal from our care list.