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Whitening is a powerful tool used to improve the shade of your teeth.

The process involves having impressions taken to form a "stent" (similar to a mouthguard) which you wear daily/nightly until you achieve your desired shade.

Results can be long lasting with a whitening diet (avoiding tea, red wine, curry etc.) and can simply be topped up as required using more whitening solution.

We use an industry leading standard of whitening product (Boutique Whitening) which is only accessible to healthcare professionals in this concentration.

Whitening techniques can be used effectively with Smile Shaping and Smile Straightening to help create your desired smile alignment, shape, and shade.

Whitening will not whiten any white fillings or crowns/onlays/bridges - it will only whiten natural tooth tissue.

Whitening can cause sensitivity during the whitening process and this is normal. 

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