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Patient details anonymised to protect privacy.


Very few people actually enjoy going to the dentist except maybe Arthur Denton (Bill Murray) in the little shop of horrors.


But Sandy Dentalcare would be no place for Arthur, it's really is a pain free as the dentists are very skilled and understand that patients may have been treated badly in the past especially in the 1970's.


Nowadays dentists don't fill teeth except when really needed. I've just had a filling replaced and it was done totally pain free, skilfully, quickly and efficiently.


Very impressed, check up, minor descale, replacement filling and x-ray's all for £62.50 (NHS)


Many thanks to you all at Sandy Dentalcare (receptionists, nurses, hygienists and dentists)


Recently, I availed myself of a special offer on teeth whitening. Given my history I was more than a little hesitant to sign up!


Whilst being very aware that my aging teeth were badly discoloured; a feature, with which, I was not at all happy, the thought of putting my teeth at risk for cosmetic purposes gave me quite a dilemma!


Once again the Sandy Dental Care team gave me my time, answered all my questions, handled my fears and concerns with care and concern. Finally, I went ahead! After completing the three weeks course of treatment I now have a lovely set of white teeth, and the treatment was pain-free with a modicum of discomfort and sensitivity.


After a quarter of a century of great experiences with the dentist and his wonderful team, I can only but urge you, if you are going to have dental treatment, in Sandy, you might as well have the best!


Festive thanks!

I managed to get a short notice emergency appointment for the extraction of a cracked tooth, in and out within the hour.

The staff were friendly and knowledgeable, they must also have one of the riskiest jobs around right now due to COVID but are taking good safety precautions to remain open.

Thanks again for sorting out my mischievous molar.

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